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Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is around the corner: do you have your gift planned yet? If you said yes and it involves a tie set, please read this post. A tie is the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner for her for mother’s day! Since we came up with some unique ideas for mother’s day, we thought we’d round up some ideas for the dads we want to celebrate.

Unique Father's Day Gifts

A Subscription Box...for Dudes

Women have cornered the market on subscription boxes for years and now men can have some fun, too.  Bespoke Post boxes are $45 a month and come packed with tried, tested, and unique "gear" that most men would appreciate. 

Bespoke subscription boxes offer really unique father’s day gifts. | LYFETYMES party planning blog

image: Bespoke

Plus, you can preview your box and decide if you want to skip it until next month, or let it ride.

The Man Crate offers a lot of cool gift boxes at various price points. It's not a subscription service, but it could be if you purchase your guy a gift card and let him choose what he wants when he wants. They offer more variety than Bespoke Post.  

Other subscription box ideas to make him look and cool on Father's day include: Birchbox for MenMen's HealthButcher BoxTaster's Club, and Try the World.

Air Compressor

Who knew there were so many uses for an air compressor: filling your car tires, filling up pool toys, filling up bouncy balls, blowing air out of filters, cleaning dining room chairs, etc.  The list goes on!

An air compressor may not sound very exciting, but air compressors are an appreciated and well-used gift! | Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas post from LYFETYMES party planning blog

image: Home Depot

Plus, they’re fun to use. Basically: every man would appreciate an air compressor for the Father’s Day—and it’s definitely unique!

Laser Distance Measurer

This super cool distance measuring tool is a unique upgrade for father’s day—better than a tape measure! | LYFETYMES party planning blog

image: Home Depot

Forget a fancy tape measurer, give him this unique pocket room distance measuring tool from Bosch. No more frustrating bent tape measuring experiences for him: this cool distancing measuring tool will definitely be appreciated.

Activity Specific Sports Glasses

Oakley has some unique options if your father or husband is cool enough to still do sports. Or maybe they just like the look of cool sunglasses

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas like these Oakley sports sunglasses from LYFETYMES party planning blog.

image: Oakley

Does your husband or father run, play golf, or ski?  These sports glasses from Oakley will be life-changing. Lightweight, customizable, and durable, these sunglasses are definitely unique and would make father’s day epic!

A gift card makes the most sense in this case--especially since you can customize colors and specs to each person's needs.  Let them go into an Oakley store and create their masterpiece.

Race Car Driving Experience

Porsche offers three locations around the country to experience driving a Porsche on a race track--to really see what one can do :)  Now that's a unique Father's Day gift! 

A race car driving experience is a very unique idea for a Father’s Day gift! Find more ideas at LYFEYMTES party planning blog

Xtreme Xperience has a tour around the country's various race tracks where you can drive "exotic cars" like a race car driving pro. We’ve heard this is an amazing experience! 

Poker Chip Set

Who doesn't love to play poker? Having nice chips and a carrying case elevates the whole game. 

This poker chip set may not be a unique father’s day gift idea, but it is a welcome one. Perfect for poker night or family game night, every dad should have a poker chip set. | LYFETYMES party planning blog.

image: Amazon

This is a quality set from Amazon that will last for years of his adult poker nights or family game nights.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones have come a long way in the style category and would make any dad happy this father’s day.

Regardless of how you think they look, noise canceling headphones provides a better experience for everyone. You can't go wrong with a set like these from Sony. Of course there are endless options these day, s maybe a gift card would be best. Treat the dad in your life with this unique father’s day gift!

Laser Golf Range Finder

Another not very unique Father’s Day gift is this golf range finder. But if your dad or husband plays golf, he should have one of these in his golf bag! | LYFETYMES party planning blog.

image: Amazon

If your father or husband plays golf, we’re betting this gem has been on his wish list for a while. A laser golf range finder can elevate their golf game and make the experience so much more fun! Plus, a gadget like this might feel frivolous for them to buy it for themselves, so if you buy it there is no guilt! Unique AND useful for father’s day=win/win. 

Woodworking Gift Card/Class

Here’s another experience versus gift for father’s day: a chance to learn from the pros and build something from wood with your hands.

Woodcraft has lots of locations and offers classes that range in skill level from complete beginner to advanced professional. You have to search by location to see what's in your area, but we’ve heard these are worth every penny. And when a man gets to work with his hands to create something unique?  That experience is sure to make them feel like a “man's man.” 

Other Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

1.  Gift certificate for two rounds of golf at a nicer golf course so he and his buddy can play a round and have lunch afterwards.

2.  Tickets to a local show of a band or artist he loves.

3.  Personalized something--watch box, charging station, key ring, luggage tag.

4.  Nice luggage.  Tumi is a high quality choice: This Tumi bag is a workhorse and it can be personalized.  

Check out this awesome list of Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas! If you’re still on the hunt for a gift that will knock his socks off, check out this awesome list—Father’s Day doesn’t have to be boring! He’ll appreciate a unique Father’s Day gift this year! Click for more from LYFETYMES party planning blog.

We hope you’re inspired to find a unique father’s day gift for the dad you are celebrating this year! Go beyond a tie and cufflink set and make his YEAR!

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