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7 Tips to Plan an Epic Slumber Party

7 Tips to Plan an Epic Slumber Party

Are you organizing the perfect slumber party or sleepover for your boy or girl? We gathered up seven tips to plan a slumber party that will make your life easy, and your child ecstatic! With school out soon, slumber parties are a great way to bring kids together and help them keep in touch over the summer. They help keep friendships alive even when they aren’t in school.

Slumber parties can be chaotic and they aren’t for the faint of heart! But you can control the chaos with these tips. You can throw a trendy and unforgettable slumber party and live to tell about it!

7 Slumber Party Planning Ideas and Tips

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Movie Night Slumber Party

Organize the best movie night around! So you can now easily set up outdoor Movies thanks to technology or indoor with pillows everywhere for ultimate comfort. Have some fun and introduce them to movies you grew up with and fell in love this.  Make a sweet and salty DIY popcorn bar or candy buffet and enjoy watching their favorite animated movie in pajamas!

See hundreds of ideas on our Movie Party Pinterest Board here:

Pajamas and Pancakes

girls piled on a bed in their pajamas

A pajamas and pancakes slumber party can be done two ways: For Dinner (Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?) or Breakfast!

Pancakes and pajamas are precisely what it sounds like. Kids arrive later in the evening in their pajamas and after whatever evening festivities (maybe a spa evening or movie night), they stay up late having fun. In the morning, Mom or Dad can whip up a fabulous Pancake Feast for all the guests to attend and eat in their PJ’s. Then parents pick them up. It’s genius because it’s a cool theme, inexpensive, and easy to execute.

Plus, since they show up in their pajamas and leave in their pajamas, it’s less packing for the guest’s parents! Win-win.

Here is some inspiration to get your griddle going:

Tents, Forts, BoHo Teepees

slumber party tee pee set up

image: Sprinkle and Dot

Whether you are glamping, camping, building an indoor fort with sheets or going all out and letting a vendor set up like one of our favorites above from Sprinkle and Dot .

Building a blanket fort is one of those things that is fun to do at any age! Even as an adult! It's a great place to get away with friends and drink mocktails. The kids love to sleep in them, get a couple of strands of twinkle lights and some pillows or couch cushions and let the kids create ultimate experience of a slumber party.

Spa Slumber Party

The big party trend right now, especially with older children, is a slumber spa party. Guess what? It does not have to be at an actual spa! There are great fun, low-cost, home-based spa treatments. Drop cucumber slices in ice water to cover their eyes while they let a face mask settle in and offer soft and cozy robes and slippers and twirl their hair up in a towel for pampering.  

Camping or Glamping


This slumber party theme works great for boys and girls. For a camping slumber party, you could pitch a tent in your backyard if the weather allows and have a night under the stars. If the weather won’t cooperate, set up inside and they can “glamp!”

Whether they’re camping, or glamping: Kids.Love.Tents. Maybe it makes them feel secure? Or maybe it makes them feel like they’re in a secret hideout? Either way: slumber parties are a great time to break out the tents!

Bonus points if you have a fire pit: Have everyone bring sleeping bags, BBQ some hot dogs & dig into s’ mores.

Slumber Party Game Night

close up photo of a car board game piece

Every party needs games! Why not make it the theme of the slumber party? It’s a great way to get the kids interacting, having fun, and off their phones.

Game night at your house will be a night they won't forget; complete with snacks, drinks and all the board games you can imagine! Twister is great for kids, monopoly to teach finance (nerd mom) or even team-based games- get them up moving, interacting, and laughing.

You could keep track of how many times a kid wins and hand out a low-value/high-fun prize at the end of the night! A cheesy trophy will do the trick.

A Slumber Party Tip for Parents (you don’t have to lose sleep)

If you’re worried about turning into a zombie after your kid’s slumber party, we highly recommend: EARLY PICKUP! That’s right; if you pull an all-nighter, you have every right to send those rascals packing after breakfast. That way you have the rest of the day for yourself and family, and you just made yourself look like a hero with your kid.

More Slumber Party Inspiration

Check out our Slumber Party Pinterest Board here for the best ideas and inspiration. You can pick any theme you want or combine them. For example if you’re planning a slumber party after seeing the new Aladdin movie, you can plan a Moroccan Slumber Party…you can go any direction, but the ultimate goal should be to bring friends together and create LYFE-long memories!

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