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Party Planning Has Gone Digital

LYFETYMES Digital Party Planning

We created LYFETYMES for busy parents, one place where they could manage and plan important moments and celebrations like Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Graduations, Holidays, etc. As moms ourselves, we spend hours and days planning, we get it. We want to be able to save moms all over the world hours and days of stressful planning.

Another reason was to create a place to share tutorials, DIY Ideas, and support women and build a community of sharing. And we wanted it to be free.

Planning Has Never Been Easier

To us, planning a party is more than décor, that's why we created a Platform and Marketplace that is one-stop and will help you plan from ideation to memories. When you join our party, you will have free access to planning tools where you will be able to start planning in 30 seconds. Anyone that is the family or friend designated “Party Planner” knows there are many verticals to plan for.

Party Planning for The Future

Party Planning for birthdays, baby showers and Holidays. Plan any party for free. All in one party planner. Free event planning for any party. Easy party planning tools and checklists.

Party Planning for birthdays, baby showers and Holidays. Plan any party for free. All in one party planner. Free event planning for any party. Easy party planning tools and checklists.

  • Create Personalized Party Websites to text email your guests who can RSVP and get party details. LYFETYMES just launched where you can send a video, not just a picture, and we think it will really knock your guest's socks off!

  • Celebration Dashboard-Easily to read dashboards to keep track of valuable information and updates, including countdown clocks.

  • Invitation Station- Build easy email, mailing and texting lists, import previous guest lists or from your contacts, send invites, and track RSVPs. Save the Dates & Thank You notes.

  • Inspiration Boards-Upload and share your favorite pictures to capture or inspire your vision for decor, cakes, themes, etc.

  • Vendor & Venues- Your "Party Motherboard" of all the things you may need for a party all in one place!

  • Registry & Gift Board- Create wishlist’s or add registry URL's that can be shared with guests or begin a new registry with your favorite store.

  • Planning & Tools- Interactive checklists, add and track to-do's, assign tasks, and due dates. Assign your celebration a budget and track spending.

  • Food, Drink & Dessert Center- It's the center of every celebration! You can order catering, book a restaurant, order food delivery or DIY grocery lists – it's all in one place!

  • Decoration Center- Browse decorations based on the occasion, purchase from top suppliers, or get inspiration for your celebration!

Hostess With The Mostess

Are you hosting for someone? Maybe a graduation party or baby or bridal shower? With LYFETYMES, you can send your Guest Of Honor a link to help personalize the celebration with a limited view (so you don't give all the details away!). That way, they can help with invites or provide registry information or theme favorites.

We know that not every day is a party, but it's still important to remember someone's birthday, anniversary, or any special day. To keep all those dates organized, we created LYFEMINDERS: You pick the day, and we will send you a reminder so you can send your love.

You can even plan multiple celebrations at the same time and access past parties to reuse tools and information like previous invite lists to make LYFE easier!

To Infinity and Beyond!

As we grow LYFETYMES, we will continue to share party ideas via our blog. So you can bring a party together quickly with the latest insights around themes when it comes to décor, food, games and activities, and everything party. Hopefully, make some friends, collaborate, and have some laughs along the way!

LYFETYMES Your Celebration Platform and Marketplace

We are committed to eliminating the pain points in planning celebrations and the stress that comes with it. We want to enable you to spend more time with your family and friends enjoying the moment and less time sweating over the details.

Here at LYFETYMES, we want to hear from you as far as the information you want to learn about. With the holidays fast approaching we will have a ton to share with each other, and we can’t wait to start Celebrating all of the milestones in LYFE with you.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly at if you have feedback, ideas, or just want to connect. We have BIG things coming for the rest of the year and can't wait to share them.

Keep Partying,

Katie Founder & CEO LYFETYMES

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