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Party Planning Trends in 2019

Party Planning Trends in 2019

Who doesn’t love a good party? There are so many cool party planning trends that we’re spotting in 2019 and you know we love to share all things party! We’ve rounded up the top party planning trends for 2019 below.

LYFETYMES Best Party Planning Trends 2019


Balloonscapes are all the rage this year—check out our post on party planning trends in 2019 for more ideas!

Balloons have come a long way…they can add great color, and an overarching balloon installation is a fantastic way to compliment the theme of a party and fill up the room at a low cost to bring even more joy to a party. By using different sizes and colors and even incorporating some flower elements you can transform your balloons into the centerpiece of any celebration! There are plenty of online tutorials and examples of balloon garlands you can create on your own!

Trendy Cake for Parties

Let them eat cake? Trendy drip cakes, cupcake towers, donuts, cake pops, and more are taking on an architectural theme. Higher and more creative options are popping up at baby showers, graduation parties, and holiday celebrations!

Use your cake to make a statement and amp up your party theme—get creative with our party planning trends!

Dessert options have evolved and are more innovative to reflect the tone of the party. Instead of going the normal sheet cake route, there are creative and delicious options for every celebration. We are seeing pie bars, cannoli pyramids, and ice cream stations. Just have fun!

Bonus: you don’t have to break the bank! Talk to your neighborhood grocery store bakery to talk trendy cake options. They’ll love having something different to create and you can save money.

Cake & Cupcake Toppers

Speaking of creative dessert and cake ideas, many people are using cake toppers to elevate classic cakes. Cake toppers are a party planning trend that will allow you to bring some personality into your party. They can be funny, milestone specific, personalized, and more! Cake and cupcake toppers can be anything you can dream up.

Not only do they look great on cakes but they look adorable on cupcakes also. Fun for all ages!

Food bar

This is a fun creative way to feed the hungry gang! Everything can go into this category. If you are having a shower with a brunch menu, for example, try a parfait bar with fruit and granola. For drinks, create a mimosa bar where the guests can add fruit or fruit juice of their choice.

Food bars are a trend that has staying power because they’re so convenient to implement and they are crowd pleasers. They also help you deliver healthy options like fruit and salad bars!

salad bar set up for a party

Other Ideas:

  • Taco and Nacho Bar

  • Hamburger Bar

  • Pancake Bar

  • Biscuit & Bagel Bar

  • Shellfish Bar

  • Coffee/Hot Chocolate Bar

Backdrops for Photo and Selfie Stations

A party trend in 2019 is creating a photo station with a backdrop for selfies or group photos. These are widely popular and are an inexpensive feature to plan for your party.

This can be extravagant backdrop with flowers or lights or as simple as a homemade decorated picture frame that people can hold up to frame their face!

person taking a photo of a woman with glitter on her smart phone

People love to take pictures, it’s a fun activity to have at any celebration and a great memory of your event!

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