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Party Like A Mother
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Mom, You Need to Party

We, as moms, think of parties as an obligation. Mostly kid-type events we attend that eats away at our weekends. Tit for tat, we must attend theirs, or they won't participate in yours. Some are more fun and meaningful like a friend or family members baby shower (we go for the Mimosa Bar). When you have kids, you become consumed by their events, but when was the last time you took time for you and your Girl Squad?

Friends or Kriend?

What’s a kriend? It is what we call mom’s we meet through our kids. Sometimes we assume the parents in your kids' circle are your friends, because you see familiar faces at all the parties, sporting event, or class functions. But the truth is that is not the universe putting you together to really bond (if it happens excellent), that's the school pulling a name out of a hat.

Moms making friends with other moms through their kids activities

It's so important to keep touch with those and more importantly connect with friends (if they are family, even better) on an ongoing basis. You deserve it, also seeing each other once a month is fine, you can keep up to date on day to day or week to week updates through social media.

Leave the mom guilt at the door, because you are the only one who can care for your mind, body, and soul and if that isn't a bit balanced and in check, then you can’t be your best for everyone else who are depending on you. Most importantly, it gives you something to look forward to that is just yours.

Self Love Challenge

Mom taking time for herself and recharging #selfcare #womensupportwomen

Let's challenge all the women we know: stay at home moms, work from home, corporate moms (work dinners three times a week with colleagues DO NOT COUNT), and mompreneurs. Let’s take a 3-month challenge, and get your squad together to meet. At the very least, do it once a month, put it on the schedule and treat it as doctor appointment, it’s immovable.

I promise after three months you will realize how much you not only need it, but enjoy it and look forward to it. Here are some fun ideas to get this challenge started for you and your squad.

Watch Party

Watch parties are great to bring your squad together. No matter if it's an Oldie but Goodie Movie Night, Newly released PPV, Real Housewives Season Finale, Oscar Watch Party, or Little Big Lies we can always find something that we love to watch. We get we could be doing more productive things, but we somehow know it is the food for our soul and makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

This isn't a sit-down dinner kind of dinner party. Depending on the length, have everyone bring an appetizer or take turns. Everyone gets to show off their favorite little culinary specialty, and the person hosting won't have to clean AND cook. Have one person bring a dessert. We love this showstopping 3-D Marilyn Monroe Cake. If you're in the Champaign, Illinois area contact her at to have your fantastic cake at your next Movie Party.

Ladies who Lunch/Brunch

Ladies having lunch or brunch together #brunch #brunchgetogether #ladieswhobrunch #foodparty #ladieslunch

Nothing is better than brunch. Keep in mind brunch is defined as between breakfast and lunch, a two-fer, two birds, one rock. Most associate it with Sunday, but it can really be any day of the week. From an outdoor place setting to dressing up and meeting up at a favorite restaurant, so you leave the cooking to someone else, it's a beautiful treat to know you can sneak away for a couple hours and relax. Let's also get "Linner" trending, combing Lunch and Dinner, you're welcome moms. Check out out favorite Brunch Ideas here.

Tea party

Tea party ideas #teaparty #aliceinwonderlandparty #afternoontea #bridalshower

This is a bit posh, but who doesn't love a summer dress, a nice cup of tea and delicious finger sandwiches? Coupled with a beautiful table setting, you can cover any topic, favorite book you are reading or favorite new life-saving app. If you want to kick it up a notch, try an Alice In Wonderland Theme to showcase your sense of humor. Get some inspiration for a great Tea Party here.

Wine Tasting

Rose All Day Party. Get your Wine, cheese, crackers, fruit all equals a sexy charcuterie board. This is a great way to share new wines and pairings. Just make sure we are all responsible, and we have designated rides home. But let your hair down and have a good laugh with friends. Check out our favorite wine tasting parties here.

CBD Party

Throw a spa party with your friends #spaparty #spa #planaspaday #mothersday #planaspaparty

A CBD Spa Party was Kim Kardashians last baby shower! Introduce your friends to the world of CBD topicals and spa product that are providing new relief and healing to millions. You can now find CBD in creams, shampoos, skincare and there is a ton science to back up its claim on how wonderful these oils and lotions are. Click here for the article cover Kim (yeah, because we are that close) Shower.

Game & Appetizer Party

Game night with family and friends #gamenight #planagamenight #ladiesgamenight #planaparty #lyfetymes

Nothing will get people out of their comfort zone and everyone smiling like playing games. It sounds cheeky, but we kind of long for it. I'm not talking Twister or Chess, but there are a ton of funny games to play that will crack the entire group up. One of our favorites is Heads Up, an Ellen favorite. Its an app, all you need is your phone, and you will laugh, guaranteed. Click here for other great ideas

Farmers Market/Food Mall Field Trip

Ladies field trip to a farmers market or food hall #planafieldtrip #farmersmarketparty #ladiestrip #ladiesouting #lyfetymes

Food Malls and Indoor and Outdoor Farmers Markets are some of the best outing experiences with your squad. They are quaint; usually, you can find something fresh and new you want to try, fantastic ambiance, experience getting out and going somewhere. Most places have a place to grab a quick bit or eat along the way. All you have to do it google it and you will be surprised how many options you have. This is also a wonderful fall activity when it is a bit cooler and every mom welcomes backs jeans and riding boots.

Now Go For It!

So now that you have some ideas, the question is, will you do it? Invest in yourself, just do it, no "thank you" required. You will feel immediately better and excited and looking forward to your next adventure.

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