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Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If you don't live near your mom, sending flowers is a nice gesture for Mother's Day, but you can do better than that! We've rounded up the best Mother's Day gifts from Amazon Handmade that you can send directly to her to make her feel special!

Best Mother's Day Gifts From Amazon Handmade

  1. Personalized Initial Necklace

    Make your Mother's Day gift personal with a handmade necklace to represent kids and/or grandkids. This Delicate Initial Disk Necklace from MignonandMignon on Amazon Handmade starts at only $15 and comes in various finishes.

  2. Concrete Succulent Plant Pots

    These modern concrete plant pots are perfect for succulents or flowers and go with any decor. Gift your mom with this modern look with a fresh take on flowers for Mother's Day. These pots are around $55 for all three with free shipping. Bonus: each pot is handmade in the USA!

    These durable and timeless pots will keep her happy for years to come.

  3. Hand Painted Silk Scarf

    Give your mother a gorgeous, one of a kind, piece of art that she can wear every day! These hand painted silk scarves will keep your mom looking stylish and feeling loved.

  4. Personalized Handmade Soy Candle

    You're pretty safe buying a candle as a gift for Mother's Day. These soy candles are handmade (hand poured!) and you can personalize the label with your mom's favorite saying, favorite quote, or your own phrase to appreciate your mom.

    You can also choose from 10+ different scents! And you'll feel good gifting her a soy candle that burns clean for 40+ hours!

  5. Sweet Throw Pillow

    These sweet pillow covers can be customized: different colors for the script over pure white or off-white fabric. This sweet message in beautiful calligraphy, "home is wherever mom is" will warm her heart every time she sees it in her home.

  6. Stunning Handmade Pillbox

    What mother doesn't carry pills in her purse? Elevate her handbag with a stunning pillbox like this handmade bee themed pillbox. These works of art are made-to-order, but there's still time to get one for your mother this year!

  7. Handmade Spa Products

    Treat your mother to some at-home spa products from Amazon Handmade to brighten her every day. Made by Molly creates 100% all-natural, chemical-free skincare products in California. This fresh cuticle oil is made with vitamin E and almost oil and scented with eucalyptus and lavender (she'll feel like she's been whisked away to the spa whenever she uses it!).

  8. Funny Tea Towel

    These funny tea towels from MoonlightMakers in the Amazon Handmade store would be perfect for any occasion, but we think it's perfect for Mother's Day. "I wet my plants" is just one of their hilarious play on words in their tea towel collection.

    These tea towels are hand drawn and screen printed in Asheville, North Carolina.

  9. Laser Cut Wood Journal

    If your mother is anything like ours, she likes to journal. Or, at the very least, keep a notebook handy. These stunning laser cut wood journals will wow your mom this Mother's Day. Made by Cardtorial and fulfilled through Amazon Handmade, you can have this unique gift delivered straight to her door this Mother's Day. You can choose from a variety of designs, including a monogram for her first name, or this this gorgeous heart design in the photo above.

  10. Custom Doormat

    She'll love a custom door mat for her front door! Amazon Handmade offers plenty of options from creators who will custom make a design for your mom on Mother's Day! Three Arrows Collective uses 100% natural coconut husk fiber to create these custom door mats and they only take about 4-5 days to make your order before shipping it directly to your mother!

    Amazon Handmade offers artisans and creators a wonderful platform to connect with customers looking to support small business owners and/or who are looking for unique Mother's Day gift ideas. We hope we've inspired you to send your mom something handmade this year!

    Looking for more Mother's Day inspiration or help finding more gift ideas? Check out our FREE planning tool to help you with any occasion, including planning a special day for Mother's Day! Click on "start planning" above to get started!

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