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Unique Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

Unique Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

Mother's day is coming up fast and we've rounded up unique gifts and ideas for how to celebrate the mom in your life. Go beyond a flower delivery this year!

Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

Progressive Brunch Party

Plan a progressive brunch for Mother's Day this year! | Unique Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

A lovely brunch out to celebrate your mom is a traditional way to celebrate--but if you'd prefer a more personal touch (or if you missed your chance to snag a great reservation!), plan a Mother's Day progressive brunch.

This works especially well for families with a few grown kids who live nearby so you can build in a few stops in the celebration.

Start off with mimosas or smoothies, fruit and cheese. Next up: the main course: french toast, pancakes, pastries, eggs, whatever she wants! And then finish up with more drinks, gifts, and some nice chocolate. Play simple games at each stop (How well do you know your mom?game, What's in Moms Purse? etc.)

You can also turn brunch into a "progressive dinner party," for a grown-up twist on traditional Mother's Day celebrations.

Take Mom Out to her Favorite Activity

Nothing makes mother's happier than spending time with their children--especially if it's sharing a moment together in one of her favorite places! Does she love art galleries? Or the local botanical gardens? Or a the local history museum she's been telling you about for months? Wine tasting? Tailor the idea to fit the special mom you're celebrating.

Snag some tickets and share some time with your mom. Life is busy these days and time is our most precious commodity. Share some of your time with your mom (or whichever mom you're celebrating!) and you'll make her year!

Acts of Service

Offer to plant your mom a tree or some fresh flowers and make the celebration live on past mother's day. Or, paint the bathroom she's been talking about for years. Anything that will make her life easier would go a long way in showing your mom how much you appreciate her!

Mother's Day Tea Party

Keep things light and simple with a fancy tea party. Break out the fine china she never uses and make her day! Make it a multigenerational all girl tea party, or invite the whole family. Create a 'formal' dress code to really make mom proud.

Create a unique Mother’s Day Celebration with a tea party. | Unique Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas from LYFETYMES.

Go beyond tea and cookies and make some simple sandwiches, pastries, and a party punch.

(Making cute sandwiches isn't your thing? You can plan every detail of her mother's day party using our free tool! Find the local bakery who'll help with the menu, and more!)

Make a Video

This idea works especially well if you don't live close to your mother to celebrate in person! Gather up your favorite images from when you were kids to more modern shots and create a video set to music!

Add in video clips of you and your siblings sharing their favorite mom moments and you'll really make her feel special. (Cue the tears!!)

Breakfast in Bed

This is a popular one, especially if young kids are planning the Mother's Day celebration! It's something they can plan and do for their mother and who doesn't love breakfast in bed?

Kids will be so proud that they were able to treat their mom on her special day--just make sure cleaning up the kitchen is also part of the gift ;)

Make a Donation

Much like the 'act of service' idea above, you could make her Mother's Day special by making a contribution to her favorite charity or organization. Any amount will do!

Spa Day

Moms (especially moms with young children) rarely take time to pamper themselves. Instead of planning a big Mother's Day celebration, send her away to the Spa or a day of shopping while you handle the kids, meals, etc. This one is worth every penny as she'll return refreshed and rejuvenated and most importantly: appreciated.

Send the mom in your life away for a spa day on Mother's Day. | Unique Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas from LYFETYMES.

Schedule a Photo Shoot

This idea will tickle every mother you are celebrating! Hire a photographer who is willing to take multi-generational group shots, as well as individual family shots. The memories and photos will warm her heart for years to come. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Celebrating the mother's in your life this May can be a great way to really show her how much you love and appreciate her all year long, not just on Mother's Day. Use some of these unique Mother's Day Celebration ideas and really make her proud!

Planning isn't your thing? LYFETYMES has you covered! Use our FREE party planning tool here or by clicking, "start planning" above! Get inspired, plan and order food, create and send invitations, and more! We've got you covered this Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day Celebration ideas that are more than flowers! | Blog post on Unique Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas on LYFETYMES party planning blog.
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