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Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Mermaid party themes are making a bit of a comeback. It might be because of Disney’s upcoming remake of their 1989 classic animated mermaid tale, The Little Mermaid . Or maybe it’s just because mermaids are mystical and beautiful and magical. With summer just around the corner and everyone has beaches/pools/water fun on the mind, we thought it would be a perfect time to do a round up of mermaid birthday party ideas.

We know if you search Pinterest for Mermaid Parties, you will be overwhelmed, so we cataloged some of our favorite ideas that will have everyone parting under the Sea. Check out all our favorite ideas on our mermaid birthday party Pinterest board.

Mermaid Party Invitations

Start the theme off strong with an under the sea or mermaid party theme. These birthday invites with the phrase, “You Mermaid to be Awesome” is so cute!

You MERMAID to be awesome—what a cute birthday party invitation. LYFETYMES has an awesome mermaid party theme post up on the blog today.

Get your child involved and create homemade invitations by cutting out mermaid tails and shells made from folded over construction paper! There are so many under the sea/mermaid party ideas you could use to create a one-of-a-kind party invitation.

Mermaid Birthday Cake

A DIY Little Mermaid birthday cake has made this little girl very happy! | LYFETYMES is your #1 party planning website and we rounded up the BEST mermaid birthday party ideas.

A mermaid birthday party has to have a mermaid birthday cake! You can order a cake, or try your hand at making your own. If you’re no Martha Stewart, make a sheet cake and add in a mermaid tail and shells and call it a day!

Shell Decorating Table

Set up a shell decorating table as an activity at a mermaid birthday party. | Mermaid Birthday Party ideas from LYFETYMES party planning website.

Nothing controls the chaos like an experience where we put those busy little hands to work. Also, parents salivate at anything their little Picassos create and display those works of art with pride. “Shell Station” is like an Easter egg decorating but with sea shells.

You can go to Hobby Lobby and get more giant shells, glue, glitter, markers, etc. to let them create. Buy inexpensive wood frames and let the kids go crazy! It’s guaranteed to keep them entertained for 30 minutes or more, and they’ll have an awesome party favor to take home.

No Sew Mermaid Tails

No Sew Mermaid Tails tutorial from Living Locurto is included in our Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas post! | LYFETYMES is your #1 party planning website—start planning today!

image: Living Locurto

What could be better than going home from a fantastic mermaid party with your very own mermaid tail?

Amy at Living Locurto made these DIY Mermaid tails for all the guests at her daughter’s 3-year-old mermaid party. You can have a “Tail Station” like above, or make them ahead of time and personalize them for each party guest. And the magical part is that you need no sewing skills at all; great news for a lot of busy moms.

Watch the video here

Sand Castle Station

If you don’t already have a sandbox, you can purchase bags of sand (You don’t need a ton, found at Walmart, Lowes, etc.) and a plastic kiddie pool. Fill the pool with sand, get some cheap buckets and pails and you’ve got a faux beach for your mermaid birthday party!

Create your own ‘beach’ and hold a sandcastle contest at your mermaid birthday party. LYFETYMES has a round up of the best mermaid party ideas!

Divide your guests into teams and have a Sand Castle Competition. The winning team wins a small prize!

Fun Food and Drink With a Mermaid Twist

Fun ocean-themed food is an easy way to decorate for a mermaid themed birthday party. Goldfish, Swedish Fish, or chocolate shells are an obvious choice.

Naming common party foods to fit the ocean/mermaid theme is an easy way to create a mermaid menu (triangle shaped cheese as 'shark teeth,’ cut sandwiches into ‘starfish’, etc.)

Other ideas include this fruit basket and adding a few cheap bananas that are DIY dolphins is a fun idea (photo source unknown: found on Pinterest).

The Little Mermaid birthday party ideas including ocean-themed fruit bowls. LYFETYMES is your #1 party planning website!

Mermaid Ice Cream No-Churn Mermaid Ice Cream is a colorful swirl of easy homemade ice cream filled with sprinkles that are perfect for a mermaid party and a hot summer afternoon treat! Find a great mermaid ice cream recipe here:

Mermaid Sea Water or Ocean Water

Ocean water is easy fun, innovative drink that can be made ahead in batches and set out so all your guests can help themselves (one less thing to worry about!).

Blue sea water punch for a mermaid birthday party. We rounded up the best mermaid themed party ideas on the blog today: LYFETYMES, your #1 party planning website!

We loved this recipe from Stephanie Stremler’s sea life birthday party for her daughter:

Mermaid Birthday Punch


  • Blue Hawaiian Punch

  • Lemonade

  • Ice


Mix half Blue Hawaiian Punch and half lemonade in the dispenser and add ice. Done! It doesn’t get much easier than two ingredients.

Other Fun Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Foods

Candy buffets like rock candy can be “Coral Rocks” or Sour Apple Candy ropes as “Seaweed.” are fun interpretations. Adult options for a mermaid party include “seaweed dip,” which is artichoke dip or spinach dip with some yummy bread on the side to spread them on.

Check out our mermaid birthday party Pinterest board for more with great food Ideas!

Mermaid Photo Backdrop

Mermaid birthday party photo backdrop idea from our roundup of The Little Mermaid birthday party ideas on LYFETYMES party planning website.

image: etsy

Recreate this gorgeous fabric mermaid photo backdrop using teal and purple balloons and streamers. It’s easy and inexpensive! Mix in iridescent streams to elevate and add in some sparkle and it will look amazing. You could add fish and mermaid tails made from simple construction paper—great for younger kids.

Kids and adults will have so much fun posing like mermaids or sharks!

As we say at LYFETYMES: a party is more than décor! Make it a memorable experience and spend time enjoying you’re child and the party, they will never remember that you did not have a life size aquarium there!

Taking selfies with your child using this mermaid birthday party photo backdrop is a great way to create lasting memories.

Mermaid Parties Require: COLOR!

Speaking of décor, for a party to feel truly mermaidy, you’ve got to go crazy with the décor. There are a ton of inexpensive DIY mermaid ideas we love that are inexpensive, and the kids can help put it together. And any color works, don’t feel like you need to go deep purple or blue, we have seen fantastic pastel mermaid parties.

LYFETYMES has an awesome post on mermaid birthday party ideas: food, decor and more!

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