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LYFETYMES: The New Way to Plan a Party

LYFETYMES: The New Way to Plan a Party

Here’s a little backstory of why LYFTYMES was created.

I volunteered to plan my close friend’s baby shower; I figured I'd crush it. I’ve been the right-hand gal supporting huge corporate organizations in many roles for years. If I could do that, how hard could it be?

So when it came time to start planning, I started with what everyone does. I pulled out my laptop and entered:

"How to plan a baby shower."

"Tools to plan a baby shower."

"I need help planning a baby shower."

I kept getting printable checklists, helpful blogs, and great articles.. There were plenty of pictures and inspiration, but I could not find an end-to-end website for all things party outside of weddings.

I went through the same thing planning my niece's graduation party (and let me promise you one thing, you do not want to screw up a teenage girl’s party). I was running around like a crazy person, trying to divide and conquer with co-hosts, worried sick it wouldn’t be the guest of honor’s vision, or I would forget something important.

I was so stressed over it and  a full-time job working mom with little time.

I love to celebrate life’s milestones or just throw a party on the weekend, just because. My fondest memories are from these moments, and I hope there are many more.

But as I sat at my computer and thought of everything that needed to be done for my friend’s baby shower, I knew it should not be full of pain points—a baby shower should be full of joy and most of all, fun!

That's why I decided enough was enough, and LYFETYMES was created.

LYFETYMES is a free, fun, DIY website that is easy to use for any celebration or party. It's like having a personal party planner. It’s great for baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation parties, holiday get-togethers, or ANY occasion. LYFETYMES has you covered, no matter what you are celebrating!

When you join our party, you will have access to powerful tools like:

  • Celebration Dashboard

    Easily to read dashboards to keep track of important information and updates, including countdown clocks.

  • Invitation Station

    Build easy email, mailing and texting lists(coming next month), import previous guest lists or from your contacts, send invites and track RSVPs and the numbers of attendees. Great for Save the Dates & Thank You notes. Email & message co-Hosts and guests party updates.

  • Inspiration Boards

    Upload and share your favorite pictures to capture or inspire your vision for decor, cakes, themes, etc.

  • Vendor & Venues

    Your “party motherboard” of all the things you may need for a party all in one place!

  • Registry & Gift Board

    Create wish lists or add registry URL’s that can be shared with guests or begin a new registry with your favorite store.

  • Planning & Tools

    Interactive checklists, add and track to-do’s, assign tasks and due dates. Assign your celebration a budget and track spending.

  • Food, Drink & Dessert Center

    It’s the center of every celebration! You can order catering, book a restaurant, order food delivery or DIY grocery lists – its all in one place!

  • Decoration Center

    Browse decorations based on occasion, purchase from top suppliers or get inspiration for your celebration!

  • Include the Guest of Honor

    Are you hosting for someone? Maybe graduation or baby or bridal shower? No problem, with LYFETYMES you can send your guest of honor a link to help personalize the celebration with limited view (so you don’t give all the details away!) to help with invites or provide registry information or theme favorites.

  • Guest View

    Guest will be able to view invitation details, mapping directions, gift, and registry information and send the host or co-host questions.

We know that not every day is a party, but it’s still important to remember someone's birthday, anniversary, or any special day. To keep you organized so that you never forget one of these special days, we created LYFEMINDERS: Lyfe’s little reminders - you pick the day, and we will send you a reminder so you can send your love.

You can even plan multiple celebrations at the same time and access past celebrations to reuse tools and information like past invite lists to make LYFE easier!

LYFETYMES has also personalized the experience for all party goers including:

  • Star of the Show (Guest of Honor)

  • Hostess with the Mostess (Host & Co-Hosts)

  • LYFE of the Party (Guests)

We can't wait to start celebrating with you. Come for the party, and stay for a LYFETYME!

Check out our website at and start planning in 30 seconds and follow us on social media for the best tips, inspiration and trends.

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