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Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day Party Ideas

Easy Labor Day Planning Ideas

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, this year is September 2nd, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. It is also the marker we make at the beginning of passing seasons from Summer to Fall coming upon us. Most of us get together with friends, enjoy the wonderful extended weekend and crank up our backyard grill for some the last summer BBQ Party or Pool Party. So let's get to planning a great Labor Day and celebrate with our friends and family and create memories with ones we love.

To celebrate these last few days of summer, start planning a Labor Day party for your friends, family, and neighbors. Follow these easy tips for planning a Labor Day party and ensure your final summer bash is a party to remember.

Step 1: Start Planning By Getting The Save The Date Out

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Tip 2: Pick Labor Day Theme

Labor Day is about celebrating patriotism, and having a theme can help highlight all things American. Make sure to include the party theme in your LYFETYMES website so that your guests will coordinate. Here are some popular Labor Day party theme ideas:

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  • White Party: In these modern times, we all wear white after Labor Day now. But before the modern day, you were not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Some people believe that this rule applies primarily to white shoes and others believe that all white items are a faux pas after Labor Day. A white party is a great way to celebrate and have a fun theme that is tongue in cheek, ask your guests to dress in white and incorporate white into your decorations, food, and table settings.

  • Red, White, and Blue party: Hopefully you still have some July 4th decor leftover - Red, White, and Blue are famous for this holiday to show patriotism. You could have everyone to wear red, white, and blue. Use the theme in your decorations as well by having American flags, stars and stripes, and the colors (red, white, and blue) displayed throughout the party. The American flag makes the perfect backdrop for photos or food displays or centerpieces. Check out July 4th Blog here to get more of our country’s colors for inspiration

  • Pool Party- For some, this may be that lat swim of the summer. Have a Luau, Tropical or Flamingo themed party to kiss summer goodbye and let your friends and family cool down. Find some great ideas on LYFETYMES Pinterest page

Step 3: Labor Day Decor

With LYFETYMES, you can plan multiple parties, Create Party Websites, plan with Co-Hosts or Guest of Honor, Manage Guest list, Create interactive checklists, pin ideas, or book vendors and venues, etc.

Wow your guests with this DIY project that will only take you 30 minutes to complete. Cut out star shapes from old cardboard and use red, white, and blue temporary spray paint that you can use on grass or sidewalk. Buy on Amazon

Festive Centerpiece

A Centerpiece is also a great way to display patriotic party favors. Mix different sizes of American flags and pinwheels in a bucket. It's a bright and colorful display, and the guests can use them during the celebration!

Labor Day Streamer

Broad stripes and bright stars make easy decorations for a summer BBQ. Get your creative DIY juices flowing and make American flag-print bandannas. Just tie the ends together and string them from tree to tree or above the food table. You can use them with tablescapes and food displays. A bandanna runner adds rugged country charm -- and slips right off the next day.

Step 4: Creative Labor Day BBQ Menu Options

Your Labor Day Party menu should feature some pretty simple classics. Maximize your time outdoors by cooking almost everything on a grill. Buying all the ingredients for a party can be expensive and time-consuming.  Here are some ideas that we love for guests:


chalkboard summer bbq menu board
  •  "You Bring It, We Grill It” style potluck. Each guest brings their favorite grilling item or a side to share. Check out our summer bbq Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration!

  • Small Grill? No Problem- Have each guest bring their favorite famous outdoor family appetizer- people love to show off and share their secret recipes!

  • Bake OFF! Have everyone bring a Red-White-Blue dessert, it is fun and makes an instant Dessert Bar that is an Instagram worthy picture!

With these ideas, everyone saves a bit of money, feels like they have contributed, and ensures at least ONE dish that they will like and eat!

Let Guests Know What's on the DIY Menu

Let your guests know what’s on the menu! Paint a big piece of plywood with black chalkboard paint for a professional-looking board. Then write out a list out what you are serving. Remember that summer BBQ parties equal heat—It may be September, but It’s still hot! Keep the drinks chillin' with colorful balloon ice! It's so simple: fill colorful balloons halfway with water and freeze overnight. Toss them in the cooler to keep drinks cold and festive.

Labor Day S’More Treats

Nothing says outdoor Labor Day Party like a S’ more station. It's easy, interactive, and fun experience and one less thing to worry about for your guests.

If you're planning a more casual backyard cookout to celebrate Labor Day, opt for team games like volleyball, tag football or tug of war. If you're planning an elegant evening party, hire a local musician to provide the entertainment. The music may even encourage guests to dance the night away under the stars. If there will be kids at the party, plan some activities for them. Plan to roast s'mores, give them jars to catch fireflies, or set up an arts and crafts table with summer craft ideas like colored sand jars or friendship bracelets.

Step 5: Just Have Fun

Here is to making memories and enjoying your family and friends. Please send us pictures of your party if you would like it featured on our social media feed at

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