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7 Easy Last Minute Graduation Gift Ideas

7 Easy Last Minute Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s graduation season and we’ve got the best graduation gift ideas—especially for you last minute shoppers! Whether they’re graduation from high school or from college, we’ve got you covered with easy last minute graduation gift ideas.

7 Last Minute Graduation Gift Ideas

DIY Money Wreath

What graduate doesn’t want (and expect?) money for their graduation? This DIY money wreath is an easy last minute graduation gift idea!

Check out this video from Sugar Bee Crafts:

Wardrobe Consultation or Personal Stylist for the New Graduate

A great last minute graduation gift idea is gifting them a wardrobe consultation with a gift card to buy some new wardrobe foundation pieces. | LYFETYMES is the #1 party planning website!

Not all graduates are off to college—some are starting their own businesses or starting with a corporate job. They need to have a more professional and mature look, regardless of their path. Gift them a personal shopping experience with a gift card to get them started on a fresh wardrobe. This doesn’t necessarily mean a suit and tie collection, but more allowing them to start a solid foundation of classic wardrobe pieces that will last for years.

Check with your local Nordstrom or large department store to book a wardrobe styling session. This is an easy and fast last minute graduation gift and one that will be appreciated for years to come.

Transit Gift Card

Not every graduate has a car waiting for them when they walk to get their diploma. A great last minute graduation gift is a pre-paid Uber or Lyft card to help them get around. And if they have their own car, a pre-paid gas card works great, too!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise canceling headphones on a desk

Noise cancelling headphones are a great gift for any occasion and a graduation gift is no exception. With the possibility of noisy dorm rooms and libraries, noise cancelling headphones will help keep them focused and talk about an easy last minute graduation gift: you can hit your local electronics store (or Target!) and find what you need.


Graduating from high school or college brings big changes and traveling is most likely one of those changes. Whether their traveling to and from a distant college or traveling during a ‘gap year’, solid luggage is a great graduation gift. And one that they wouldn’t want to spend money on themselves!

Amazon Prime Subscription

I think most of us would agree that once you have an Amazon Prime subscription, it’s hard to go back to regular ol’ delivery windows. And let’s face it, kids haven’t developed the proper planning abilities and using a prime membership to have things delivered on a schedule or to have the ability to get things in a day or two would be an incredible gift. And buying them an Amazon prime subscription is easy and works as a last minute graduation gift, for sure!

Graduation Cash

person holding united states hundred dollar bills

When all else fails, or if you’re really late in planning a graduation gift: giving the gift of money is always welcome. Graduates have a lot of expenses on their horizon: parties, college expenses, new clothes, travel, etc. Giving money as a graduation gift is probably the most popular way to celebrate a graduate and it’s as easy as writing a check or stopping at the ATM on the way to the party! Including it with a heartfelt card is always a sure bet that they’ll appreciate your gift.

Last minute graduation gifts are easier than you think—no sweat!

Check out these AWESOME last minute graduation gift ideas — CLICK to read the list! LYFETYMES is a party planning website and we feature party inspiration and planning tips on the blog, including gift giving ideas! #graduationgiftideas #lyfetymes #partyplanningtips #giftgiving #giftsforgraduates #graduationgiftsforboys #graduationgiftsforgirls #giftideasforgraduates
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