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Girl Power Birthday Party Ideas

Girl Power Birthday Party Ideas

Raising strong and confident girls is a priority for every mom out there! Getting her “Girl Squad” together is a perfect theme for a girl’s birthday party. Here are some awesome girl power birthday party ideas and themes to consider if your little girl wants to transition from from “Let it Go” Frozen birthday party theme and move to a more “Girls run This World” Beyonce theme.

Theme Ideas for Girl Power Birthday Parties

Superhero Party

girl dressed as super hero in red and blue

Not only is this great for both Boys and Girls, but we are surrounded by many STRONG female characters now that represent us from the Marvel Series, X-Men, and Disney Films to choose from like Batgirl, Wonderwoman, Storm or Shuri for example. By the way, I dream of dressing up as Wonderwoman, but those days have passed. Create a fun activity such as no-sew Superhero Cape Decorating by having the kids decorate their capes or personalize them for each guest ahead of time.

What I want to be when I Grow Up Party

girl dressed up as a doctor

What girl doesn’t like to play dressup? This birthday party idea is a great way to show girls their power and that they can do anything they want! It’s a fun idea to not only help your little girl visualize her goals and also get her to think outside of the box and open her up to any possibility. She can be a doctor, firewoman, astronaut, police woman, race car driver, AND a mom (if she wants!). And those costumes are so fun, regardless! It’s a beautiful reminder of how everything is possible for all of our kids.

Positive Vibes-Girl Power

This party is all about having positive images and quotes to inspire girls to be the best version of themselves. Teaching young girls community over competition and that women should support women (versus tear them down) is important for making a lasting change in our society!

For example, quotes like “Girls Empower Girls,“ “She Rock’s,” and “Girls Support Girls.” You can align all of your decorations from backdrops (Think: Girl Squad) to cakes with positive messages (you Go Girl) around supporting other girls. End it with a fabulous dance party with some fantastic songs that are all about confident women!

Movie Night Party

girls watching a movie on a bed

Outdoor or Indoor movie experiences are such a great theme for a girl power birthday party. Not only can you make it a concession style treats and drinks theme but up the any with a film about a badass lady. Whether its “Wonder Woman or “Hidden Figures,” share inspirational movies that reiterate that everything is possible for them!

If you host outdoors or have a pool, throw up a sheet and let them watch on a float in the pool or get a couple of blow ups from Walmart and let them chill in that while they bond over a movie.

Spa Party

We don’t even need to take a poll from moms that said they wish they knew how important it is to take time and pamper themselves along the way. And how we wish we would have learned this (and started these habits!) at an earlier age.

Spa parties are a great idea to teach them some inexpensive DIY hacks that genuinely work: from cucumber slices to homemade facials to getting their nails painted.


Glamping is all the rage right now. Great for warmer weather or host indoors. From comfortable DIY teepees to outdoor movies, it is a fun experience s all about creating a cozy setting with little touches that make glamping unique. Instead of boring old smores, use pink or pastel marshmallows, its that simple to elevate camping to all-out-glamping.

Pancakes and Pajamas

girls all on a bed for a slumber party

All of the above party themes can be sleepover parties, but Pancakes and Pajamas are precisely what it sounds like. Kids arrive later in the evening in their pajamas and after some fun evening festivities (maybe spa evening or movie night), they can stay up late and in the morning Mom or Dad can whip up a fabulous pancake feast for all the guests to attend and eat in their PJ’s. Then parents pick them up, Genius because it’s a cool theme, inexpensive, and easy to execute.

Women’s empowerment and education should start when girls are in their formidable years, so that they learn how to treat themselves and others in life: women are capable and women should support each other instead of be in competition with each other! Girl power birthday party themes are a great place to reinforce these ideas—and they’re fun, to boot!

Girls today want more options for their birthday party than princesses and tea parties—and in this age of women’s empowerment, we think parties are a great way to instill healthy habits for women supporting women! CLICK to read our post on “Girl Power Birthday Party Theme Ideas”!! Awesome list!! | LYFETYMES is your #1 party planning website. #girlpowerbirthdaypartythemes #girlpowerbirthdayparties #womensupporingwomen #girlpowerbirthdaypartyideas
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