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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender reveal parties have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and we can see why! Letting the world (and yourselves!) know the gender of your baby is a fun way to spread more happiness during this joyful time. We never mind another excuse to plan a party!

There are so many smart ways you can learn the gender of your baby, and we've rounded up a huge list of ideas to help inspire you to create a magical gender reveal party!

Fun Ways to Reveal Your Baby's Gender:

Cake Gender Reveal

Have a friend or the host order a delivery on your behalf with the inside of the cake dyed pink or blue. When you cut into the cake, you'll instantly know whether you're having a baby girl or a baby boy!

Use cake or cupcakes with the cake dyed blue or pink so that everyone learns your baby’s gender at the same time! | Gender Reveal Party Ideas blog post is on LYFETYMES party planning blog!

The same idea can be used for cupcakes--this is a fun idea to have everyone bite into a cupcake at the same time to reveal pink or blue pudding and share in the fun.

Get the dog involved and make the gender reveal cake for the pup. He or she can eat the cake and announce to the world if you'll have a boy or a girl!

Pop an Opaque Balloon

Gender reveal party ideas including popping a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti to reveal your baby’s gender! | LYFETYMES blog post on unique ways to do a gender reveal—really cool ideas!

This is another fun way to reveal your baby's gender: have an opaque balloon filled with pink or blue glitter, confetti, or powder for an exciting gender reveal moment at your party!

Boy or Girl Outfit Surprise

Have the parents-to-be open a neutral box with boy or girl clothes inside. They can be blue or pink, or a dress vs. vest and tie!

Confetti Cannon to Reveal Your Baby's Gender

Confetti cannons are gaining in popularity and they are the perfect way to discover your baby's gender at the party! Plus, it's one of the more masculine gender reveal ideas we've come across. What man doesn't like shooting off a canon?

Cannons filled with pink confetti reveal the gender of this couple’s baby at their gender reveal party. | LYFETYMES party planning blog has the BEST ideas to reveal your baby’s gender at a party with friends and family!

Or, get the crowd involved and have them shoot confetti cannons off over the future parents like this image above! This makes for a really cool moment and photo.


Pinatas are always fun at parties and with each strike, the excitement of the gender reveal builds! Mom and dad (and big brother or sister) can take turns hitting the pinata to reveal blue or pink colored candy, or confetti (we like the candy idea for obvious reasons!).

Balloon Release Gender Reveal

Decorate an extra large box with festive paper and bows and fill the box with pink or blue helium balloons. Get the camera ready because when the couple opens the box and the balloons pop out and up, it makes for a beautiful moment that they'll want to cherish forever.

A couple poses right before they reveal their baby’s gender using a giant box filled with blue or pink helium balloons. | LYFETYMES party planning blog as an epic list of gender reveal party ideas today on the blog!

The Thinking Closet shared their balloon release gender reveal at their family gender reveal party it was so such a great moment!

Gender Reveal Party Themes

Trucks or Tutus

Matchbox toy trucks and tutus are easy to find and use at the gender reveal party! Make or buy inexpensive tutus for guests to wear and use toy trucks as cupcake toppers.

Quarterback or Cheerleader

Decorations with a quarterback or cheerleader gender reveal theme can include mini footballs, pom poms, and pennants on the wall! Have mini footballs and pom poms for guests to toss or shake throughout the party.

Blue or Pink Party Decorations

Keep things simple at your gender reveal party: either have the party host decorate ahead of time in secrecy so that when you arrive, you are surprised by the color of the decorations. Or, use both blue and pink (or green and peach) at the party and keep up the suspense until the big reveal!

Pirate or Mermaid

Ahoy, Matey! We love the idea of an "Out on the High Seas" gender reveal party. You can use the ocean and pirate ships as the central theme and then pirates and mermaids to designate each gender!

There are so many cute options to use for decor--ships, blue tablecloths, mermaid tails or pirate hats for cupcake toppers, the possibilities are endless!

Bow ties or Bows?

This is a fun theme and easy to come up with decorations for a "bow ties or hair bows" gender reveal. Pass out bow ties and hair bows for guests to wear at the party and use that theme for the cupcake toppers, cookie decorations, or cake toppers!

Menu items can include bow tie pasta salad, hair bow cookies, bow ties and hair bows as cake toppers, and more.

Lashes or Mustaches?

Lashes or Mustaches is just one theme suggested in this incredible list of gender reveal party ideas from LYFETYMES!

This gender reveal party theme screams for a photo booth with props! Buy (or make!) mustaches and lashes on sticks and add in feather boas, big hats, and more props on sticks (like big pink lips, crazy glasses--the ideas are endless!)

He or She: What Will it Be?

Keep things simple with a basic theme of 'he or she: what will it be?' Use any of the gender reveal techniques from above to fit in this theme. We are partial to the hidden blue or pink frosting inside cupcakes!

Now that you have the gender reveal party themes and ideas on how to reveal your baby's gender at the party let's find out what people do at gender reveal parties! Aside from visiting, eating, and having fun guessing what the baby will be, you can offer games to keep it light and fun.

Gender Reveal Party Game Ideas

Suggest a Name

Name suggestion jars are a fun way for guests to drop a boy or girl name in a jar for after the baby's gender is revealed. Even if you've already picked out names, this could be fun to look through after everyone's left the party.

Cast Your Vote

Create a poll on a cute chalkboard or other decorated backdrop with a line down the middle designated boy on one side and girl on the other. Any of the above themes can easily be incorporated into this game!

Guess the Number!

Fill a Jar with pink and blue candy and have guests guess if there's more pink or blue candy in the jar! Have a party gift on hand for the winner to up the stakes. To make it extra challenging, ask them the number of pink and blue candy in the jar. The competitors in the crowd will really make this game fun!

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

Wondering what a gender reveal party is? It's somewhat of a recent phenomenon where a couple has the baby's gender sealed in an envelope only to be revealed at a party with friends and family.

Gifts are not expected--save those for the baby shower!

Should You Have a Gender Reveal Party?

Some people like to wait until the baby is born to be 'surprised' at the birth. But many people like to know ahead of time so that they can plan the nursery and their baby registry.

Doing a gender reveal party makes finding out what your baby will be extra fun and exciting and it's a moment that you can share with friends and family well before your baby is born.

It's a personal decision--some people do a small and intimate gender reveal party and other people plan a big party! Either way, we hope these ideas have inspired you to plan your gender reveal the way you want.

Want to save these ideas for later? Pin this image below!

Looking for unique gender reveal party ideas to make the day special? LYFETYMES party planning blog has you covered in today’s post! MUST READ—such great ideas!!
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