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Funny Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Funny Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Flowers are sweet, but if you want to do something different this year, why not keep it FUN! We've rounded up a list of funny Mother's Day gifts that will keep your mom laughing this May!

Top Funny Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Cheeky Quote Mug

Mugs are usually a popular and well-received gift, but why not make mom laugh and cheer her up every morning while she's having coffee? Here are a few that had us chuckling:

Funny Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from LYFETYMES party planning site and blog.

"Not the Worst Mom" from Maes Coffee Mugs comes in three colors, but we love this hot pink mug to keep it bold and fun.

This "I'm Your Favorite Child Mug" cracked us up. It's from Most Toasty Goods and is sure to make any mom laugh!

Clever Mother's Day T-Shirts

This printed t-shirt from Crazy Dog T-shirts isn't necessarily funny, but it's unique and would make any mother beam!

Funny and Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from  LYFETYMES party planning blog.

Using the periodic table to spell out "Mother" is genius! We want one of these shirts this Mother's Day.

"I Caffeinate and Hope for the Best" T-shirt is a hit for moms of any age. Get it here in time for Mother's Day.

Funny Prints for Mom

"Thou Shall Not Try Me." HILARIOUS. We're still chuckling over this one. Make your mom laugh every time she walks by and sees this one on her wall.  

Funny print from an epic post: Funny Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from LYFETYMES party planning site.

Grab your print from Wander and Waypost via Amazon! We love that it's an actual print, ready to frame and not a digital copy. Just slip it into a frame and add a bow!

She has so many to choose from like this funny one for your mom's kitchen:

Oh SNAP! Mom's on a roll ;)  The "Today's Special" print can be found here.

Funny Tea Towels for Mother's Day

I think every mother can relate to this funny tea towel. Dream on mom, they're all yours! Grab this 'Who Are These Kids and Why Are They Calling Me Mom" kitchen tea towels here.

Funny Mother’s Day Gift Ideas post from LYFETYMES party planning blog.

Talk about funny! These tea towels will make for the perfect funny Mother's Day gift. She's sure to chuckle throughout the year every time she uses one!  Get some for your mother here.

Funny and Cozy Socks

You've probably seen the funny socks where one sock says, "If You Can Read This" and the other side says "Then Bring Me Some Wine" HA! These socks are great for moms of all ages--at home, or grown!

Funny Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from LYFETYMES, the #1 Party Planning Website!

Wine a Little Gifts has all sorts of variations on this--and you can customize your sock's message!

Another take on these "message socks" is this funny one from 2 Trouble Boys and is perfect for a mom of younger kids:

Mother's Little Helper Flask

Now THIS is funny!

Fill this flask with whatever you want--wine, booze, coffee, or...chocolate milk ;) It's our little secret. Find it on Zazzle.

Funny Mother's Day Card!

Don't forget the Mother's Day card--always a fun way to make her laugh while also showing her that you love her. This one from Paper Source is really cute.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that will make her laugh from LYFETYMES party planning website.

And no matter your political stance, this one is still sure to make you chuckle. We think it's hilarious!

You can find variations of this card everywhere, but we found this one for Mother's Day on Etsy.

Make Your Mother Laugh This Mother's Day!

We hope this list of funny Mother's Day gift ideas not only made you chuckle but gave you some great ideas in time to order one for your mom this Mother's Day!

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Funny Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from LYFETYMES party planning website!  Check out this awesome list!!
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