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9 Fun Easter Party Ideas!

9 Fun Easter Party Ideas!

Looking for some fun and easy Easter party ideas? We've rounded up 9 unique easter party tips that will get your creative wheels turning! From DIY decorations to fun Easter activities, these are the best ways to celebrate Easter.

Fun and Unique Easter Party Ideas

Keep things simple while planning your Easter party: purchase bunny ears, or have kids make their own!

Bunny Ear Party Hats

This activity will help keep the kids busy because they will have plenty of extra energy thanks to the Easter Bunny that day. Making them from scratch with construction paper and tape, kids can create and decorate while the grown-ups enjoy a delicious meal or dessert.  Kiddos will love wearing their handmade cute party hats, or you can purchase plush bunny ears--kids AND adults will get in on the fun!  Here's a cool pair here.

Easter Centerpieces

Wow your guests with DIY low-cost centerpieces that even the Easter bunny is sure to love. Use carrots, Peeps, chocolate eggs or even the cheap plastic eggs to decorate. One idea we love is to use artificial grass strips and then sprinkle the eggs throughout.

Simple ideas for creating a unique Easter table centerpiece using things you already have.

Or, just fill a glass bowl with Easter candy for a super simple centerpiece.

Easter Egg Cookie Decorating

What's an Easter party without awesome desserts? It's such a great activity for all ages! Much like many families bake and decorate cookies during the Christmas holidays, Easter egg cookies are just as fun! It keeps the little ones busy and also serves as a great parting gift. Easily whip up adorable egg-shaped cookies with this cookie cutter set.

Easter Egg Basket Decorating

This is a great DIY project to keep kids busy while creating something unique that they can use! Baskets don’t need to be fancy or heavy duty (especially since most eggs are plastic with lightweight coins or candy inside).

You can use white paper bags and set up all the trimmings to decorate. Once again corral the kids and keep them busy, And it's an adorable keepsake for parents of an art craft created by their kids!

Easter Egg Golden Ticket Game

Here's an Easter activity that's fun for both kids and adults! Fill one of the plastic eggs with a golden ticket and the child who finds it wins a prize. Have a special prize for kids (candy would be a popular choice!) or a nice bottle of wine for the adults to win.

Whoever finds the golden ticket wins the prize!

Easter Egg Relay Race

Easter egg hunt alternatives so that kids don't get overwhelmed and feel left out.

We love this idea to reduce the frustration (and panic!) of not finding eggs in a big group of egg hunters! Instead of every man for himself, why not split the kids into teams (evenly matched of course) and have a member from each team search for an egg. Once they've found an egg, they come back and tag the next teammate — just like a traditional relay race!

The kids still have the fun of an Easter egg hunt, but less pressure!

Toddler's First Easter Egg Hunt

I think we can all agree that a toddler's first Easter egg hunt is probably more for the parents than the kids! Because they're kind of clueless as to what they're supposed to do, parents usually end up leading the child to find the egg.

Here's a solution: if you have a younger kids, tie a balloon to the eggs so they little ones can have fun “hunting” and easily identify their target. They'll probably still think they're "balloon hunting", but they'll have a blast, and parents can get their Easter photo opps ;)

Easter Egg Decorating

No need for messy dyes—have kids hand draw or paint their Easter eggs this year.

What would Easter be without some Easter egg decorating? Buy a kit to dye eggs, or (for a less messy option) let the kids hand decorate them with markers, stickers, and more! This inexpensive and festive activity will build memories for years!

Easter Themed Coloring Pages and Word Searches

A quiet way to corral the kids while you entertain is with Easter themed coloring pages and word searches. You can make a custom word search here! And there are plenty of free printable coloring page sites that you can find with a simple google search.  Here's one for Easter themed coloring pages.

Are you inspired to start planning your Easter party? These 9 fun and unique Easter party ideas are easy and won't break the bank--bonus: they'll keep the kids occupied and having fun!

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