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Blume Dolls All the Rage for 2019
Blume Dolls Hottest Toy 2019, where to by Blume Dolls

What is the Blume Doll Toy Trend?

Blume collectible dolls are flower pots that "sprout" dolls when you add water to them. They are adorable and colorful, and children love them! Blume Dolls originate from parent company Skyrocket Toys. They’ve the brand behind Pomsies and Grumblies, for example. Blume Dolls Series 1 will include 22 different dolls (some are rare, and others are ultra rare-oh Pokemon days), Series 2 and # are already on their website with the caption “Coming Soon.”

  • They are being called the Hottest Toy of 2019

  • After much anticipation, they will finally available for purchase, and we imagine they will be flying off shelves, so act fast (see our Amazon Blue Buys Below)

  • Get ready for Blume Parties and Blume Halloween and Blume Christmas Presents

Why are Blume Dolls the Toy of 2019?

Here is Blume’s Value Proposition from their website

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My opinion? Outside of an adorable and cute concept, kids love the experience of surprise and collectibles like Blume. What parents like about Blume: It's fast, easy and won't break the bank. It's mess-free, stress-free and pot becomes part of the toy — something your child can even personalize and decorate! Price ranges around $10 per Blume (see below to buy on Amazon, also purchase at Walmart & Target. Pre-Sale until 8/1/2019).

I need the Blume Dolls 101

Here is what we know:

Blume Dolls as stated “grow” out of their flowerpot in around ten quick seconds.

Once Sprinkled, up comes one surprise doll with colorful foam-like hair (rainbow color, flowers, crystals embedded, and more).

The hair is soft, squishy, and foamy. You can remove the foam hair and clothes and mix-and-match with other dolls.

  • There are ten different surprises in each pot

  • Each doll also comes with her very own accessories: a pet, purse, watering can, etc.

  • Every doll comes with a miniature friend that’s a cute accessory with eyes.

  • Once your Blume doll “blooms,” the flower pot can be used as a play-set to stash and carry doll and accessories.

The Official Blume Doll Checklist:

Blume Doll Types, Blume Doll Options, Blume Doll’s

Blume Doll Types, Blume Doll Options, Blume Doll’s

There are 4 different varieties you can get (with their 22 names!)

  1. Mystical (Leilani is the one to get!)

  2. Super Rare (Skye, Gemma, Cleo, Kit)

  3. Rare (Lola, Poppy, Sierra, Cora, Roxy, Reese, Valerie)

  4. Adorable (Sedonna, Tess, May, Mandy, Nori, Alana, Tate, Celine, Cammie, Krystal)

Here is where Blume Dolls can be purchased on Amazon, I would buy in advance, since it’s being predicted as a craze!

Planning a Blume Party?

Go to to plan an epic party for any occasion and follow us for more Blume updates and Blume party ideas!

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