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Best Tips for a Magical Unicorn Party

Create a Unicorn Party that is Magical

Do you still believe in Unicorns? It’s been a couple of years and this trend is always at the top of the lists. There have been millions of pictures, decor ideas, purple and pink food combinations shared with edible gold glitter. I mean we really (I’m looking at you moms) have beat this horse to….never-mind.

It’s not going away anytime soon so slap on a horn and let's talk dreamy decor, gorgeous cakes, and magical moods - it’s what all unicorn parties are made of. We've rounded up some of our favorite ideas for throwing an awesome mythical unicorn party kids will love and will make you look like you have magical powers.


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Planning Your Unicorn Party

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Pick a Unicorn Theme

Didn’t know this was a thing? Yes, it is. Good news is you can't mess it up; it could be pastel and magical, purple and mystical, or rainbow color scheme. Usually, if you consult the H.C.I.C. (head child in charge), then they will let you know their preference. After all, you are their party stylist. Check out LYFETYMES Unicorn Pinterest boards at to get inspiration

Unicorn Treats and Eats

The gift of Unicorn Parties is that as long as you put edible sparkle, glitter or sprinkles on it, it looks like Unicorn Food! Easy to make Unicorn Dip, Unicorn Bark, Unicorn Fudge, Unicorn Pretzel Horns, Unicorn Sundaes, and Unicorn Party Snack Mix. Click on any the images to get the recipes!

Unicorn Drink Ideas

You can also get in the Unicorn Mood with some amazing drinks. Click on the image below to get easy DIY recipes.


Healthier Unicorn Party Food Options

OK, we get it, you cant just pour sugar on everything. Click below to stay on theme and not become the most hated parent in the group!

Unicorn Party Decoration Ideas and Unicorn Party Favors

The best part of a Unicorn Party is Decor! Here are the top picks for the Ultimate Unicorn Party! We have researched Amazon and looked at the customer reviews and selected the best rated products.

Unicorn Party Activities

With every great Unicorn party are the Unicorn Games and Activities. And let’s face it, you and the other parents will appreciate anything that will drive down the sugar rush and tucker those kids out. A great DIY idea that is cost effective, great take home gift and party favor is Unicorn glitter play dough. Click on the image above to get the steps from a

Other activity ideas that make our horns glow?

Make it Super Special for the “Star of The Show”

There is nothing better than owning your role as the H.U.I.C. (Head Unicorn In Charge) by adding some special items to really make her stand out. Below are the favorites and a hot Unicorn toy idea for 2019/2020!

Most Important tip for a successful Unicorn Party?

Enjoy the moment and take in the experience. If you would like to share your party ideas, pictures and memories, contact us at LYFETYMES here to be featured on the #1 Party Planning Site!

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