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Best Sprinkle or Sprinkles Party Ideas or Shower

Best Sprinkle or Sprinkles Party Ideas or Shower

How to Throw an Instagram Worthy Sprinkles Party or Sprinkle Baby Shower

OK friends. My girl squad was up in a Housewives worthy debate over one of the best questions in parties; Is it called a “Sprinkle” party or “Sprinkles” party? If you get that line, then you get us and are in the right place. So after discussing with some of the best and brightest in the industry, here is the result.

Sprinkle Shower and Sprinkles Party?

A “Sprinkle Party” is a toned-down baby shower. A baby sprinkle tends to be more casual than a traditional baby shower because it is second child and parents still have a ton of large items from the first bundle of joy they can use on the second. So “Sprinkle” in literally lighter than a shower. However, you see folks combining Sprinkles Baby Shower with a Sprinkles Theme.

What’s a Sprinkles Party?

A “Sprinkles Party” is usually a child's birthday party whose theme and has a rainbow aesthetic focused on actual yummy sprinkles.  

Here at LYFETYMES, we are finding Party Themes are going across all celebration verticals, so you see Coachella Theme for Teen Birthdays, Bridal Showers and Baby Showers. A Hawaiian Luau (my personal favorite) you see at Anniversary Parties, Graduation Parties, and Birthday Parties.

Our Post will be focused on Epic Parties using Sprinkles theme, and you can decide on which celebration to use it in. OK LYFER’s here we go.

How to throw a party like a pro!

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LYFETYMES- Your All-In-One Free Party Planner

LYFETYMES- Your All-In-One Free Party Planner

 Pinterest Party Ideas

Check out our Sprinkle Party Pinterest Board here for the best ideas and inspiration

Food, Drink & Sweets for a Sprinkle Party

There is no shortage of what you can put sprinkles on- You need this tub of sprinkles and go nuts, or um, sprinkle crazy on:


Everything is better with Sprinkles

Sweet confetti

  • Cake- All day long. Make the inside rainbow layered for extra pop!

  • Cookies- who doesn’t love a cookie with sprinkles on it?

  • Cup Cakes- Great for a baking theme and have guests decorate cupcakes

  • Donuts- I’m sorry, who doesn’t love a donut wall?

  • Ice Cream- Awesome to incorporate in the theme and have a ton of toppings to choose from

Drink Ideas for Sprinkle or Sprinkles Party

Sprinkle Rimmed Glasses- Super Easy, take a couple of minutes. If parents are having cocktails or mock-tails, great added detail. I’m sharing the most straightforward way I have found that will hold up

Frosting Method

  • Supplies Needed:

  • Vanilla Frosting

  • Nonpareil Sprinkles (see link below to purchase)

  • Fun glasses/cups

    Place Nonpareil Sprinkles on a small plate. Dip the rim of a glass in frosting, ensuring that the entire rim of glass gets well coated. Immediately dip the frost-covered rim in sprinkles.  Set prepared glass aside until needed. Easy, peasy.

How to Decorate for a Sprinkles Party

Sprinkles decorations can be incorporated from standard décor bought from Amazon, or you can integrate actual sprinkles in a few key eye-catching pieces. Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Centerpiece Vase Filled with Sprinkles as the “water.”

  • Tea Lights set in sprinkles- I like the ones from Amazon below because they are multi-colored and fits into the theme

  • A Large Letter and Photo Frame that is DIY “Sprinkled.” Apply some clear glue and dip it in Sprinkles- make sure the little ones know its not for eating!

To Embrace the sprinkle theme, I curated some of the decorations. I have spent hours hand selecting on Amazon.

Sprinkles Party Photo Backdrop

This is now a must at every party or shower and the easiest DIY project you can get your hands on. To tie in the theme for Sprinkles, use bright, pops of color, like colorful pom-poms.

 Sprinkle Party Games

Since it is summer, you could embrace the sprinkle theme in another way, by turning on the sprinkler in your backyard. Remember, it's about creating memorable moments, and a great activity to keep kids busy!

Sprinkle Party Thank You Favors

White powdered donuts in sprinkle gift bags are the perfect thank you treat for party guests.

Baby sprinkles are a lighter version of a baby shower—not to be confused with a sprinkles party theme. We’re clearing up all of the confusion on today’s post! CLICK through to read and get inspired!! | LYFETYMES is the #1 party planning website! #partyplanner #partyplanning #babysprinkle #babyshower
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