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Baby Shower Trends for 2019

Baby Shower Trends for 2019

There are so many ideas for baby shower themes and we’re seeing some cute and unique trends popping up in 2019 for baby showers. Check out our ideas below on how to make your baby shower extra special.

Baby Shower Trends in 2019

Baby Shower Balloon Arch Decoration

pink, peach, blue, and mint balloon garland for a baby shower

image: Tula Mama

Looking for a way to add some dimension to your baby shower decor? Balloon installations are the hottest trend to help transform any party into a masterpiece. Balloon installations provide the perfect backdrop to your celebration, but they are particularly fun for a baby shower as they feel young and happy. Balloon arches are definitely trending for baby showers in 2019. Tip: Try having greenery tucked in with the balloons to add a tropical touch.

Check out the decoration section of LYFETYMES for our favorite suppliers

Make Baby Shower Menus Easy with Food Bars

Food is a major component for a baby shower and we suggest making your life easy with a food bar. Guests love them and your hostess will, too. Great food bar options for baby showers include: mini sandwich bars, fancy taco bars, burger bars, waffle or pancake bars, biscuit bars (perfect for a baby shower brunch!), coffee bars, hot chocolate bars—okay, we think you get the point.

Food bars at baby showers is a trend that we’re seeing in 2019 and you can see why!

Fancy taco bars are an easy way to serve food at a baby shower—food bars are definitely trending for baby showers in 2019.

Something Old to Celebrate Someone New Baby Shower

Beautiful vintage-inspired baby showers are whimsical and romantic. Complete with antique furniture, like a dresser as the main food table, these baby showers are the perfect blend of cool and chic.

Incorporating burlap runners or dollies can add to vintage fell. Vintage touches like these are the perfect way to add “something old” to your celebration of someone new!

Boho Shabby Chic

Celestial themes are the perfect mix of whimsical and chic. Boho themes are having a huge moment for moms-to-be, for both boy and girl showers. New and unique baby shower colors that more and more moms-to-be are opting for in the decor give a happy vibe. Not only does this trend allow for more creativity in event decor, but it provides so many stunning options for gender-neutral showers.

Treat the Mom-to-Be to Queen of the Baby Shower

It’s the little things that can make a shower fun- seeing flower sashes or flower crowns for moms-to-be to wear vs. the traditional corsage are a trend for baby showers in 2019.

You can even get the guests involved by creating some for them to wear, too!

Woodland Baby Shower Theme

Baby shower trends in 2019 can also include a classic theme like this woodland baby shower—perfect for a boy or girl baby shower.

image: Baby Chic

The woodland baby shower theme is a tried-and-true classic and offers gorgeous color options for the baby shower decorations. Plus, it’s a great idea for a boy or girl baby shower theme (the image above from Baby Chic was for a baby girl’s baby shower, but it could’ve easily also worked for a baby boy!).

Recently, we’ve seen so many gorgeous, modern variations of the theme—we’re obsessed! Greenery is the perfect touch for this lush, outdoorsy theme. Of course, there should be no shortage of baby forest animals in the details (who doesn’t love baby animals?). This laid-back theme is sure to be enjoyed by everyone and is a top baby shower trend in 2019.

Co-Ed Baby Showers Are Rising In Popularity

pregnant woman in red and a man holding hands and baby shoes

Beers and BBQ’s are huge for co-ed baby shower themes! This couple-centric event is the number one baby shower trend gaining in popularity - why should the ladies have all of the fun celebrating a new baby? Plus, co-ed parties usually involve alcoholic beverages, a grill, and takes place in the late afternoon to evening rather than the traditional late morning to early afternoon. Co-ed baby showers are a special way for ALL of your friends and family to celebrate your new baby.

Gender Reveal Baby Showers Make the Event More Exciting

The celebration before the baby shower OR at the baby shower! Usually a gender reveal party is thrown about mid-way through the couple’s pregnancy to reveal the gender of their baby. This is how it goes down, you have your ultrasound tech write your baby’s gender on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. You can take the envelope (and exercise huge amounts of willpower) to a baker who can bake a baby shower cake around the envelope. As you can imagine, a lot of fun can be had before the big reveal.

But who’s to say you can’t combine a gender reveal party WITH a baby shower to make it extra fun and exciting!

Creative Baby Shower “Cakes”

Cakes for baby showers can be more than a cake—cupcakes, cake pops, or individual cups of mousse are all trendy ideas for baby shower desserts.

image: Events By Kristin

As baby showers change, so have the goodies. And goodness me, there is some crazy amazing stuff being done with cakes or opting for other yummies. Donut Bars, cupcakes, and cake pops are an important center of the baby shower. Cake toppers are a big part of the theme and can pull everything together. Be sure to check out our cake toppers which really bring some WOW to the cake or dessert table.

Fun Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Nowadays women are ditching the baby-themed favors of pale pink or blue chocolate covered almonds and sending their guests home with something they can really use.

Seed packets, plants, champagne, or keepsakes. Baby shower favors is a great way to personalize the theme and create a memory that will last long after the baby is born.

Check out some of the best party favors we see on the market in our decoration section of LYFETYMES.

Baby Shower Mommy Mocktails or Cocktails

Baby shower menus must include a fancy mocktail so that even the mom-to-be can get in on the fun! Check out more baby shower trends for 2019 in today’s post.

image: Just Bright Ideas

Just because the mom-to-be can’t have alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t serve fancy drinks or mocktails at the baby shower! A baby shower is the perfect time to get creative and create something special that’s pretty and refreshing.

Freezing flowers inside of ice cubes, to pretty and fragrant garnish (like rosemary!), these baby shower drink trends are giving us major mocktail vibes. We’ve also seen champagne and mimosa stations for those who are drinking at the baby shower.

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While baby showers are a traditional way to celebrate and gift the mom-to-be, we’re seeing some unique trends to make the baby shower extra special!

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